Special Session on "Computational and Machine Learning Methods" at IBAC 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Burooj Ghani and Dan Stowell from Naturalis Biodiversity Centre will co-chair a special session on “Computational and Machine Learning Methods” at the International Bioacoustics Congress (IBAC 2023) in Hokkaido, Japan this October. The session will feature the latest research on automated recognition of birdsong and other animal sounds.

The International Bioacoustics Congress (IBAC) is renowned for bringing together leading scientists, conservationists, and technologists from around the world to exchange knowledge, present ground-breaking research, and foster collaborations in the realm of bioacoustics.

This year’s congress aims to delve deep into the realm of computational and machine learning methods, exploring their potential to revolutionize our understanding of animal communication and behaviour.

Stay tuned for more updates on the GUARDEN project’s participation in IBAC 2023, and visit our website’s News & Events page for the latest information on our research, achievements, and upcoming engagements.