GUARDEN Project at the World Biodiversity Forum 2024

The GUARDEN project is proud to announce the active participation of its partner organisations—HUA, INRIA, and CIRAD—at the third World Biodiversity Forum. Held from June 17-20, 2024, at the Congress Centre in Davos, Switzerland, this prestigious event brings together researchers from all disciplines of biodiversity science alongside practitioners and societal actors. 

Pierre Bonnet, the Project Coordinator from CIRAD, presented his work, “Using Satellite Data to Understand Biodiversity-Climate Dynamics,” which was featured in the session BCC_11.3: Satellite Observations for a Deeper Understanding of Biodiversity-Climate Feedbacks: Progress and Challenges. 

Under the theme “From Science to Action,” the forum aims to transform scientific insights into actionable solutions for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development and is dedicated to responding to the urgent call for transformative action to reverse biodiversity loss.