GUARDEN Participates at the Eionet Webinar – Biodiversity Aspects of the Green Deal Data Space!

On the 15.01.2024, the project coordinator Pierre Bonnet from CIRAD as well as the project partner Quentin Groom from Meise Botanic Garden will present at the Eionet Webinar. The webinar builds upon the previous webinar (26.09.2023) addressing the development and establishing of a common Green Deal Data Space (GDDS) and will continue elaborating on the topic by focusing on the biodiversity aspects of the GDDS.

Presentation by Pierre Bonnet (CIRAD) ‘From land to space: how data is combined within the GUARDEN initiative to encourage greater consideration of biodiversity in regional planning’: The ability to collect field data has increased tenfold thanks to participatory science platforms, which are now more widely accessible. Coupled with the analysis of environmental and satellite data available on a large spatial scale and at high resolution, new approaches to the detailed characterisation of biodiversity can be tested. This presentation will provide access to the latest work undertaken as part of the European GUARDEN initiative.

Presentation by Quentin Groom (Meise Botanic Garden) ‘Monitoring biodiversity through data cubes’: This talk addresses the significant challenge of providing current and relevant biodiversity information for policy development. The heterogeneity and uneven distribution of data pose substantial difficulties. Traditional approaches are often slow and lack reproducibility, limiting their utility in policy-making. The introduction of data cubes offers a promising alternative. We will explore how data cubes can overcome these limitations by providing a more efficient and reproducible method for data analysis. The talk will focus on the scientific applications of data cubes in the context of biodiversity and examine the implications for informing policy decisions.