GUARDEN Case Studies

The GUARDEN case studies have been selected to represent a wide range of cross-sectoral challenges that are related to biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as end-users, stakeholders, species, habitats, and ecosystems over four (4) different countries. A specific DSA will be developed for each case study, targeted to the end-users’ needs. An MSP will be set up for each use case, bringing stakeholders that may have different interests and stakes in the common challenge addressed. The partnership with actors involved in activities based in Madagascar will make it possible to take into account the specific ecological, political and societal features of a major world biodiversity hotspot in tropical zones, located on a different continent, and subject to pressures of different natures from those observed in Europe (notably due to high deforestation for agricultural needs). This will facilitate the transfer of the GUARDEN tools in the long term to other tropical regions with comparable situations. The four (4) Case Studies are briefly provided: