BioDiverCiutat-City Nature Challenge enhances BioPlatgesMet’s biodiversity documentation in Barcelona

Barcelona is gearing up for the highly anticipated second edition of BioDiverCiutat, a citizen science bioblitz scheduled to take place from April 26 to 29. This vibrant event, a cornerstone of the global City Nature Challenge, is set to rally residents of Barcelona and its surrounding municipalities in a unified effort to document the diverse urban biodiversity that thrives within the city’s limits.

The integration of the BioPlatgesMet project, a vital component of the GUARDEN initiative, adds an exciting dimension to this year’s BioDiverCiutat. Focused specifically on coastal ecosystems and beaches, BioPlatgesMet promises to significantly enhance the documentation of Barcelona’s coastal biodiversity, positioning the city at the forefront of urban ecological research.

Participation in BioDiverCiutat is open to all, requiring nothing more than a camera and a passion for wildlife. Citizens are encouraged to explore Barcelona’s myriad urban landscapes, from lush parks and tranquil rivers to sandy beaches and beyond. By utilising the MINKA citizen science platform, participants can effortlessly upload their observations, thereby contributing invaluable data to this collective endeavour.

Each observation logged onto the MINKA platform during the event will not only enrich Barcelona’s biodiversity database but will also compete for global recognition alongside over 600 cities worldwide participating in the City Nature Challenge. This collaborative endeavour underscores Barcelona’s steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and the conservation of biodiversity.

Furthermore, BioDiverCiutat promises a diverse array of engaging activities meticulously curated by environmental organisations, catering to enthusiasts of all ages and interests. From immersive snorkelling excursions to enlightening ornithological outings, there is something for everyone eager to delve deeper into Barcelona’s rich natural heritage.

With the integration of the BioPlatgesMet project, BioDiverCiutat emerges as a beacon of collaboration and innovation, exemplifying Barcelona’s unwavering dedication to nurturing a harmonious relationship between urban development and ecological preservation. Importantly, the data collected during BioDiverCiutat will also contribute to the ongoing efforts of the BioPlatgesMet project, further reinforcing the synergy between these two initiatives in their shared mission to safeguard Barcelona’s biodiversity.

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