PlantCLEF2024 Challenge Launch by GUARDEN

GUARDEN is thrilled to announce the kick-off of the annual PlantCLEF2024 challenge. This year, we’re diving deep into the fascinating realm of automated visual analysis of plant communities.

Organized as part of the esteemed CLEF (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum), the PlantCLEF2024 challenge invites participants to showcase their skills in machine learning and image analysis. 

📅 Tentative Timeline:

December 2023: Registration Opens
21 March 2024: Competition Starts
24 May 2024: Competition Deadline
7 June 2024: Deadline for Submission of Competition Participant Papers [CEUR-WS proceedings]
21 June 2024: Notification of Acceptance for Competition Participant Papers [CEUR-WS proceedings]
8 July 2024: Deadline for Camera Ready Copy of Participant Papers [CEUR-WS proceedings]
9-12 Sept 2024: CLEF 2024 Grenoble – France

🌱 Task: This year’s focus is on the automated visual analysis of plant communities. Dive into the intricate world of plant images and help advance the field of AI-driven plant research.

🔍 Data: Full details about the dataset and task specifications are available at the official PlantCLEF2024 website.

💻 Platform: To streamline the challenge process, we’re thrilled to announce that PlantCLEF2024 will be managed on the Hugging Face Spaces platform. This platform provides a collaborative space for sharing models, datasets, and insights, fostering innovation and collaboration in the AI community.

🌿 Get Involved: Ready to take on the challenge? Don’t hesitate to sign up and join us! Whether you’re a researcher, developer, student, or simply passionate about plants and technology, your unique perspective and skills are invaluable to the PlantCLEF2024 challenge.